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The more interesting an accident the better. We seem to have become a nation obsessed by all things medical. Hospitals, doctors, accidents and illnesses. Some nights virtually every TV channel is airing a medical-related reality TV show. Like any fly-on-the-wall show involving the traumas of ordinary people, these programmes are watchable and interesting. But do we have to have so many? He had a secretary called Janet, who was the butt of many jokes among the viewing public. I disliked it intensely, partly because it was aimed more at an older generation, but mainly because it aired on a Sunday evening and reminded me that it was school the following day. Later came Angels, a drama series about students nurses, which I remember enjoying, and General Hospital, which could be said to be a forerunner to Casualty, set in a fictional Midlands town, following the romantic and professional lives of its doctors and nurses. Now, for some reason, our hunger for all things medical on the TV has mushroomed.

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Figures from the DVLA show that more than five million drivers have passed their test since the beginning of Of those, just 1. I passed my test after , how much can I legally tow? In practice, this means a younger driver towing a family caravan behind a mid-sized 4×4 may well be breaking the law. Luke Bowdidge, manager of Trailer Training UK, routinely sees drivers who have discovered they don’t have the right licence for their car and trailer.

Paul Jones, the club’s marketing and communications director, said:

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After the successful launch of the Tivoli and Korando compact SUVs, the ambitious Korean company has just launched its third completely new model in two years. Boasting new suspension, a vastly improved cabin and class-leading towing capability, the Rexton looks set to become a popular choice among caravanners – and off-roaders – everywhere.

Bowling along the motorway at 70 mph you can barely hear the power unit. Ditto road roar and wind noise which are both well suppressed. Cruise control takes the hard work out of motorways and the automatic gearbox changes ratios seamlessly. At its core the Rexton is still a traditional 4×4. It sits on a ladder chassis in an era when many SUVs have switched to cheaper – but less impressive off-road – monocoque chassis for their car-like characteristics.

Ssangyong has more than 60 years experience of making 4x4s and the Rexton represents everything it has learnt. The 4×4 system is user selectable – drivers can choose from 2WD for tooling around on roads in dry conditions, 4WD for bad weather and light off-roading and low range 4WD for really challenging conditions. The latter is an all-too-rare feature these days and splits the torque equally between the axles to provide the optimum grip.

I was very glad to have the Rexton when it snowed heavily during the test. The car dealt with the conditions – several centimetres of snow sitting on a bed of black ice – easily. Originally developed by Land Rover for the Freelander, and somewhat looked down upon by the conoscenti, HDC has since become de rigueur on all serious 4x4s.

Thankfully nothing has transferred from that cabin to the new one which now looks thoroughly modern and sensibly laid out.

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At Ringwood Services We were two days late as the car broke down last Wednesday and we had to wait and get if fixed. We had a good trip down and arrived at the site which is really spacious with new facilities. Bob did the best reverse ever and then calamity! Bob uncoupled the caravan and moved the car. The safety cable caught on the tow bar and ripped the casing of the electric cable!

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It is not, like many people say, available outside the UK especially Spain. You cannot receive Freeview in Spain. Freeview is a UK only digital television system that is transmitted from the land based television transmitter masts, like Emley Moor and Crystal Palace. The signals from these terrestrial transmitters are not strong enough to reach Spain. Free to air means that there is no monthly subscription to pay, unlike the pay TV channels offered on satellite packages offered by Sky TV.

Freesat in Spain Freesat is the name of a brand of satellite receivers designed to receive these free to air UK satellite television channels.

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Am Sande with St. The main attractions here are: Am Sande, Am Sande. The oldest stepped gable on House 53 dates to around The voluted gables were generally erected in the late 16th to 17th centuries.

FROM swapping barcodes between items to removing tags in dressing rooms, James Samuel Baumgart is a seasoned thief who alters his shoplifting techniques from store to store.

There may be a convenant in the deeds that prohibits the parking of caravans or other large motors, such as work vans, in the driveways. You would have to check the deeds. However even if there is it could be costly to enforce. How old is the road you live in? Have other home oners used their driveways for caravans or work vans etc? I had a similar problem when they lived next to me.

Perhaps your neighbours are using it as an extra room? If so I believe that is against the law It had, infact, been suggested that we look at our housedeeds, but haven’t done that yet. There is another neighbour who used to have a ‘van, but they have a much bigger drive Maybe the best thing to do in the first place is to dig out the deeds. Appreciate all your advice folks. So we’ve got the light back on our house for a short while, and we can see the other houses for the time being!

Do you know what you can tow? Why some drivers with caravans could be breaking the law this weekend

But instead of towing the boat, the motorbikes, the greyhounds and heading for a kit home bought out of the Trading Post, they’re bringing home with them. It comes as no surprise the Sunshine Coast topped the list for grey nomads and young holidaymakers as the destination of choice for caravanning and camping in Queensland – just ask Cotton Tree Holiday Park manager Trent Hammill.

It’s all about location, location, location. From the beach to the hinterland, visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to where they might park their van or pitch a tent. The Caravan Parks Association of Queensland lists on its website no fewer than 37 different options for visitors to the region.

As Tethyrian culture is a melting pot of been discriminated against by the largely Calishite upper classes. Outside Calimshan, many Tethyrians are craftsmen or caravanners, while others find employment as mercenaries in the employ of other realms. fragments of dwarven lore dating back to the height of High Shanatar also indicate that.

However his varying approach to stealing has not been enough to outsmart police, and he has landed behind bars – again. The year-old fronted Maryborough Magistrates Court on Monday, where he pleaded guilty to five counts of stealing, two counts of attempted fraud, one count of fraud and one count of trespassing. He appeared comfortable and relaxed in the dock, making conversation with a prisoner sitting next to him and chuckling every now and again.

At one point, appearing bored, Baumgart began to play with his handcuffs by circling his arms at the elbows. The court heard his latest crime spree, which started in March, began less than a month after he was released on parole from jail for previous offences. The court heard Baumgart, with another person, made sinister visits to to several stores in different towns between March and May this year.

Baumgart was taken into custody on May

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It comes after the Caravan Club exclusively told Minster FM last week that it was pulling out of running the three sites at Monk Stray, Rowntree Park and the Designer Outlet because of “local opposition” at the three sites. Further negotiations between the council and Caravan Club came to an end today without an agreement. The council is now phoning people who had booked to use Monk Stray during the Tour and is helping them make alternative arrangements.

Campers will be offered the chance to move on to the site at Rowntree Park, while caravanners are being helped to find spaces at caravan sites in the area.

AN ELDERLY couple killed in the M40 tragedy in South Oxfordshire have been described as keen caravanners who were ‘kind and gentle’. John Norton, 80, and Olive Howard, 87, .

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