Jihadi John’s father was Bin Laden’s lieutenant and is on trial for US embassy bombings

This past weekend, with my friend in town we headed out to Phnom Penh. The ten day agenda went something like this — Angeles City — 2 days, Manila — 2 days — Saigon 3 days 1 day was rest — Phnom Penh — 3 days. Each day was somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 shots of vodka rest days not included. We pretty much hopped every bar on streets and 8 but just ended up at my usual spot, the 69 bar. I snuggled up with three of the same girls I hooked up with on my last trip. Other liquor was all pretty cheap as well. Back to the kid… We were supposed to leave after two nights but the bus was packed and I was seriously hung over after two straight nights with the same agenda. On the way back to the Lux Riverside , I got a text from a girl by the name of Leak from the Rose bar. After lying in bed for 2 hours motionless, I decided some pizza with her and her sister was a good way to go.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined

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Share this article Share As well as posting the photographs, Muthana also said ISIS fighters would slaughter any Yazidi men they captured in northern Iraq and would enslave their women and children. Nasser Muthana is a year-old former Cardiff schoolboy who featured prominently in the Islamic State’s first professionally produced English language propaganda video Threat: Nasser Muthana posted a message on Twitter last month warning that the UK government should be afraid of him returning to the country with his new bomb making skills The young jihadist, who describes himself on Twitter as a ‘soldier of the Islamic State’, said last month the UK government should be ‘afraid’ of his bomb-making skills.

He took a picture of a stack of improvised explosive devices stored inside a garage and uploaded them with the caption: The Muthana brothers, who grew up in Cardiff after their father moved there from Yemen as a teenager, are among hundreds of young men from Britain who have flown to Syria to join the rebels. Muthana claims to have found this prayer mat inside the army base. He says it offers devotion to the Prophet Mohammed’s daughter and is therefore in breach of Islamic law as evidence of practicing idolatry Friends: Reyaad Khan left , who is also from Cardiff, appeared alongside Muthana right in the ISIS propaganda video, urging other young Muslims in the West to join them in jihad Their friend Reyaad Khan, 20, also from Cardiff, said he had ‘fireworks’ for the U.

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A CD series of pop song covers performed by kids. Currently on the 37th CD of their main series, Kidz Bop has also released several special collection CDs. This series contains the following tropes Age Inappropriate Art: A short list of songs that have been featured within that make you go “What.

Leave a comment Whoa so I was running around from get together to get together and it is bad enough I have to travel through Forest Park, IL to get back to Oak Park, IL but now there are extras to make the traffic issues even worse in which suburbs like that aforementioned busy enough but these two added aspects just make it stupid. Traffic issues there are never really addressed but somehow the local governments like to add to the misery of all those who travel in their suburban streets.

And somehow the residents of these suburbs just remain silent as unwarranted changes occur all around them. It seems everyone just grumbles about it however when the opportunities to cause change, such as when election season comes about they vote the same way they did before. First, of all there is the construction on Roosevelt Avenue from Harlem avenue to Des Plaines Ave, everything is whittled down to a single lane for a while grinding the traffic down to a crawl.

All I can really see the construction crews are doing is redoing the sidewalks on each side with new concrete and red decorative bricks. All this bullshit for something that does not help the traffic issues that plague this street. Roosevelt and Harlem Avenues, of course, are boundary streets of Oak Park, IL and further, the angry drivers feel as they enter the suburb. I think that these two suburbs should be more concerned about the traffic issues and finding ways to encouraging people to patron the small businesses in this area.

However, all this construction does the opposite. Second, even though it is the Labor Day weekend, there are a lot of cops in this area particularly, the Forest Park, IL cops who cannot wait to give tickets …just because they are bored. Now everyone knows once normal people see the police all of the sudden people want to do under the speed limit and drive like grandmas.

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Also called “the dragon girl” or “the Dragon Queen” in reference to her ethnicity, and additional terms in later chapters Justin: The Embodiment of Manly Beauty. Also called “The Incredible Hunk” or “the uberhunk” Katie:

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Three days is the max. That used to be what I believed. Fourth of July Weekend changed my religion. I have been to the mountaintop. Wednesday, July 3rd You gotta get up to get down. How do you get everyone primed for a weekend full of shenanigans and alcohol? Throw a house party—correction: I chose to wait and arrive fashionably late most everyone else was tweeting or facebooking about drinks as I was still sitting at work.

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Fear of a Slack Planet: The audience spit and threw beers. The Wild Style soundtrack is co-constructed from Blondie breaks When constructing Wild Style, the definitive document of the emerging hip-hop culture, director Charlie Ahearn knew that DJs cutting directly from their record collections would have been a costly copyright nightmare. Bam was actually hoping to hook up with Joe Elliott from Def Leppard; but luckily genre-smushing producer Bill Laswell stepped in, phoned Lydon and snarling, adenoidal rap history was made.

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Jul 02,  · Austin invites his buddy Ace over to hook up. The two start off sucking each others cocks. They they break out a cool new sex toy called Tenga. To get the party started he calls up his homie Flamez. Long time no see and all that, so ya know these two are gonna get it on in no time. James jokes that there were “fireworks, man,” between.

Prologue Starting out, you see a cutscene with 2 guards that found out you have woken up from a long coma and come down to see you after the bandages come off. The guy next to you tells you he came in to help bust you out of the prison and you will need his help to get out. Jailbreak Your first objective is to kill the doctor. It shows you how to punch and defend and after a few shots he is done.

From here, it tells you to Play the tutorial if you are new, I recommend this or bust out the front for players familiar with the game If you choose the tutorial, it will take you to a door and depending on your choice you have to follow one of these courses of action. Tutorial- Walk out the door and take down the 2 cops, you can grab their nightsticks for a handy melee weapon. After taking them out, go around the corner following Carlos through the light portals.

Follow the pipes, learning how to duck and jump. Once you get to the roof, kill the guard and grab the gun for a weapon. Now head across the roof and towards the stairs, then go down them as the police helicopter spots you and starts shooting at you, just continue down the stairs.