Spain train crash: U.S. citizen among dead and at least 5 Americans injured

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My long walk to forgiveness:One writer’s voyage of discovery on the Carmino de Santiago pilgrimage

I have had the privilege and honor of first walking the Camino de Santiago Frances all kilometers of it in September and then the Portugues route kilometers — minus a bit for flooding and adding some for getting super lost in May. Altra Footwear Lone Peak 2. You do not need hiking boots!!! My Camino buddy and I both wore these and did not get blisters. The size of the toe box.

Santiago de Compostela: Guided tours of cathedral roofs As a former student of the local university, I had been many times to the cathedral but being up on the roof showed me a lot of things I.

Continued from page 1. The difference in ticket prices between low-cost airlines and high speed trains is so large that it is impossible to achieve a significant modal shift from planes to trains. Nevertheless, both the European Union and the International Union of Railways have published many reports showing that people are switching from planes to trains, saving energy and carbon emissions.

How can that be? Because these reports are flawed. On some routes, such as the Brussels-Paris and Cologne-Frankfurt, air traffic has disappeared completely. This is a tempting conclusion, but once you start looking who is on those trains and why, things start to look very different.

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Earlier today an Alvia high speed train operated by Spain’s RENFE crashed near Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, killing at least 77 people at the time of this writing. It is the worst rail disaster in Spain in at least 40 years and one of the worst crashes involving high speed rail ever.

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On one side of it stands the City Hall , an eclectic building dating from the beginning of the 20th century, crowned by a clock tower. The Museum of Valladolid occupies this complex, exhibiting a collection of furniture, sculptures, paintings and ceramic pieces dated from Prehistoric times to the present. The Teatro Lope de Vega is a theater built in the classical style in and now very run-down. There has been controversy over whether the city should pay to restore it.

The Museum of Contemporary Spanish Art, located in the Patio Herreriano, one of the cloisters of the former Monastery of San Benito, preserves more than paintings and sculptures from the 20th century.

‘Like speed-dating a saint’ — Andrew Bain cycles the Camino de Santiago in a fraction of the time invested by pilgrims on foot.

A pilgrim walks on a path in the Pyrenees on the route of Santiago de Compostela. Dating back to medieval times, the pilgrims had various routes to get to the destination, the favorite being the one stretching kilometers from the border of France and Spain to Santiago de Compostela, designated as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in I traveled with a group of people I met on the train ride over and we planned to set off on our journey together. Getting up at dawn, we started our journey following the yellow arrows that lead to Santiago de Compostela.

I was unaccustomed to the weight of my backpack and it made my shoulders ache, but thanks to the beautiful scenery and my considerate companions I managed to get over the mountains with little difficulty. Roncesvalles, the first Spanish town on our route, unfolded before us. The different language we could hear told us that we were really in Spain. That day, we slept in a religious house-turned-hall filled with bunk beds. I did not get a good night’s sleep because of the snoring everywhere.

The next day, I was woken up by the noise of the other pilgrims who were busy getting ready to depart. I set out with them after swiftly bathing and getting ready. Despite the haze and darkness blocking the path, all the pilgrims keenly walked on, following the yellow arrows by the light of lanterns. The pilgrims usually set out early before sunrise to avoid the intense sunshine from 2 p.

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See all locations Plan your trip in Spain in your hire car Spain is a beautiful country to drive in, and with so much to see and explore you can really make the most of it in a rental car. Madrid is famous for its museums and art galleries. This trio are often referred to as the most significant and important art museums in all of Spain.

Later, when the sun sets get ready to enjoy the city’s legendary night life. Looking to combine history and architecture?

Jan 18,  · I plan to walk from Burgos to Leon April Need a walking first time on the Camino. Glad you are doing the Camino. You will find lots of Camino Friends when you start the Camino. Actually, you will find a walking partner the day before you start out.

So she decided to walk the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail in the Pyrenees — but would the arduous km trek give her the answers she craved? Sonia in the village of Hornillos del Camino, near Burgos As the initial shock over my losses began to wear off, I found myself consumed with anger. Top of my list of targets was my brother Bruce. He had introduced so much pain into my family with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, drug addiction and depression that his death was just one more bullet to our hearts.

I had tried to be loving to him during his life, but his addictions and self-absorption made that difficult. I did my best to be a good sister, but he had been so manipulative and self-centred with his drug use that it disgusted me. I never told him. Instead I tried to love and accept him as he was. But he was dead. I was supposed to be glad that he was at peace.

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Rescue operations were ongoing more than 12 hours after the Wednesday evening accident, which occurred about 2. All eight passenger cars of the Madrid-Galicia train, carrying people, went off the tracks. At least people were injured, 95 of whom are still being treated.

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Louis IX, King of France , was her brother. When still a child at court, Isabel, or Elizabeth, showed an extraordinary devotion to exercises of piety, modesty, and other virtues. She was even more devoted to the Franciscan Order than her royal brother. She not only broke off her engagement with a count, but moreover refused the hand of Conrad, son of the German Emperor Frederick II , although pressed to accept him by everyone, even by Pope Innocent IV, who however did not hesitate subsequently to praise her fixed determination to remain a virgin.

As Isabel wished to found a convent of the Order of St. Clare, Louis IX began in to acquire the necessary land in the Forest of Rouvray, not far from the Seine and in the neighbourhood of Paris. On 10 June, , the first stone of the convent church was laid. The building appears to have been completed about the beginning of , because Alexander IV gave his sanction on 2 February, , to the new rule which Isabel had had compiled by the Franciscan Mansuetus on the basis of the Rule of the Order of St.

These rules were drawn up solely for this convent, which was named the Monastery of the Humility of the Blessed Virgin Monasterium Humilitatis B.

Tarta de Santiago – mein Lieblingsmandelkuchen

It really depends on your own personality as to whether together or alone is best. As Tanya mentions above, it’s sometimes a handicap to be with someone else. If their pace and interests are different almost guaranteed you’ll find yourself waiting or rushing.

May 05,  · Speed Dating es una actividad de citas rápidas, en la cual un grupo de 25 mujeres y 25 hombres, se conocen a sí mismos en un lapso de 5 minutos cada uno. Camino de Santiago. Compostela.

September 8, Author: So, with aching legs, we departed Pamplona and turned westward, km awaiting us. We were cycling the horizontal line in northern Spain, westward from Pamplona. Getting out of Pamplona was quite an issue. Yesterday we faced a challenge getting out of a village of less than people, so you can imagine how well we did with a city of several hundred thousand.

Eventually we made it to the outskirts of the city. Where are we again? Legend has it that Fermin, the first bishop of Pamplona, came to an untimely end being dragged through the streets by angry bulls. Coming to grief on the Camino The day began with stiff legs and damp weather as we negotiated through rolling countryside… and mud.

Walk this Way: the Camino de Santiago

I walked kilometers through the Galician countryside on the ancient pilgrimage that has had a huge revival in the past 20 years, despite the fact that fewer and fewer Spaniards identify as religious Catholics. The Camino has existed at least since the ninth century, when the remains of St. James the Apostle, were “discovered” at Compostela.

The legend goes that St. James, known in Spain as Santiago, came to Galicia to proselytize and established the first Christian community and church in Spain. Galicia is the northwest region of Spain above Portugal, where Gallego is spoken, a language similar to Portuguese, and one of the four official languages of Spain.

Seventy-nine people died and more than were injured when the train came off the track rounding a bend at high speed and smashed into a wall just outside Santiago de Compostela last Wednesday.

The pilgrimage started at your front door travelling by pathways and Roman roads eventually leading to the moderate security of one of the established Camino routes. The increasing flow of international Pilgrims travelling towards Galicia soon led to the construction of Castles, Abbeys, Monasteries, Churches ,Cathedrals and towns and its this same ancient infrastructure that glues the whole way together today.

The history of it warrants a visit on the internet. My reasons for walking however were very basic. I had failed my eng 1 medical on grounds of high blood pressure and was grounded literally; and therefore unemployable and on the beach. Many thousands of pilgrims peregrinos join the Camino at different stages as the whole journey represents a large time commitment.

Most Pilgrims complete the journey over a period of years by walking for a week at a time and completing it stage by stage. The last 20 years have seen a large increase in traffic with the internet, various books and movies all contributing to popularize the Camino. The lucrative tourism product provides much income and employment across northern Spain with the Government continually increasing investment, restructuring and even re- routing parts of the Way for scenic impact.

Cape Finistere perhaps is better known by mariners as the nasty outcrop of rock which perilously juts out into the Atlantic. The Cape lays claim to many a south bound vessel from England unable to beat out of the Biscays tumultuous continental shelf, stoked up by the prevailing South Westerly Atlantic storms. Three and a half decades earlier having survived 19 days fighting the storms in my home built wooden boat I had weathered the Cape mostly thanks to the Finisterre light with its RDF radio beacon.

Coincidentally the Camino Frances; St James way pilgrimage ended here at the zero km marker post infront of the Finisterre lighthouse a place where I considered my sailing life began and hopefully could resume once more.

Spain train crash: driver charged with 79 counts of reckless homicide

One Comment On July 2, , I walked into Santiago de Compostela, the Camino de Santiago, completing five hundred miles of pilgrimage with great jubilance and much pondering. The final leg of the walk seemed anticlimactic; I imagined being greeted by frantic cheers and excited faces as a month of walking ended. Yet it was a normal day in Santiago:

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Read our blog Experiences from our guests Dear Sophia, Thanks a lot for your quick respons and actions. The trip we made is now a wonderfull memory. We have a great story to tell to quite a lot interested perons. We will advise possible bikers or walkers to book their pilgrimage via Spain is More. This for security and service reasons. I absolutely loved all the hotels you arranged and checking in was never a problem.

I did walk the full camino and next year I plan to walk the camino del Norte. Philene, Camino Primitivo read more Dear team, I have only started my Camino but I wanted to express my gratitude for having selected such wonderful and tasteful hotels. After a heavy walk this is all one needs to recover and regain strength for the next challenge.

I freestyle speed style – santiago de compostela.